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Frontend Developer.

Role: Frontend Engineer

Remote | Full Remote | Amsterdam,Netherlands


What we are looking for:

Experienced frontend developer with at minimum 3 years of professional working experience (preferably 5 years or more). I count work experience as working at an agency or working directly for a company.

Experienced in working on the frontend of Web Applications

Must be high highly skilled in Vue.JS + vanilla Javascript + JSON

A lot of experience in converting PSD/Figma design files into HTML/CSS templates. We need someone who can do this on a pixel-perfect basis (i.e. the frontend needs to 100% match the original design).

Strong understanding and skilled in using Tailwind CSS

Ability to search for existing libraries to use in his/her frontend work in order to help speed up development time instead of coding everything themselves.

Basic understanding of php/Laravel. Does not need to be enough to code apps themselves, but needs to understand how backend developers work and how they like to integrate backend with frontend. But any candidate who has ample experience with Laravel and who is confident enough to also work on backend tasks would be considered a highly desirable candidate, however this is certainly not a must).

Open to learn how to use Inertia.JS (to integrate frontend with backend)

Experienced in using API's to connect frontend with backend

Strong communicator (this is a prerequisite for any candidate)

A big plus (not required but would make for a standout candidate): if this is someone who would also be able to develop our marketing websites, which means that they are also comfortable working on the backend of websites. This includes setting up the CMS (i.e. using platforms like Strapi or Prismic), taking care of hosting & servers (i.e. Netlify/Vercel, Vultr etc.), setting up & maintaining databases, etc.). This might make it possible for us to keep them on full time in the long term.

50$paid test assignment which would require 2-4h work.


Start date: asap, prefer someone who is available to start right away (or at least 4-5h per day during notice period)


VueJS JavaScript JSON



Salary range

$1,500.00 - $2,000.00

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